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                   Installation/parks Shows

The requirements for each installation show are tailored to each venue.  Pets Overboard! can be presented in almost any venue inside or outside.  Are installation shows are very flexible and designed for each location and facility.  With all semi- permanent shows we work with your team in planning a successful run from the first pre-show site visit to the final walk through.  We have included some general guide lines below to help start the conversation about how we can make Pets Overboard! a hit at your location.

We custom build the set for each location to accommodate for stage size and unique characteristics of each stage. The ideal deck space is 30 feet wide by 25 deep but is flexible.  The number of shows per day and numbers of show per week is dependent on cast size and number of animals.  We normally limit each human and animals cast member to three shows per day.  Each show last approximately 22 minutes plus meet and greet at the end of each show.  The show will need back stage dressing rooms and animal runs, these can be permanent structures that are already present or temporary structures.  We generally provide and construct the dog runs and cat house.  It is also possible to have animal facilities and dressing rooms in a different location but this is not as desirable. The backstage faculties can be provided by the park or the show. The show not including back stage electrical requirements are 50 amps, 220 volts single phase.  We need to have running water and plans for drainage.  For the safety of are animal cast we do need to have 24 hour access to the animals in case of emergency, this can be coordinated through your security staff as needed.

We look forward to discussing how we can give you a first class show for your property, please gives us a call or email and together we can create something your guest will be talking about!

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