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Show Requirements

50 feet wide by 40 feet deep this includes stage, back stage, animal and cast housing.

Electrical- 80 amp 220 volt single phase service with-in 50 feet of show lot.  We will provide four raw wire ends to be hardwired by your staff.

Water- potable water source with-in 100 feet of show lot.

Waste water- either provide pump out of our on board holding tanks or on lot site sewer. Doses not apply to one and two day events.

All passes for trainers and performers.  Our staff will stay on ground 24 hours with our animal cast members.

Must be able to walk and exercise the dogs during nonevent hours


Each show last 22 minutes, shows need to be scheduled 2 hours apart


Set-up time is about 6 hours and load out is about four hours.

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